This Geo WebApp enables you to surf the web as if you were in a different country (or US Metro Area), so you can see how web content, ads and Search Engine Results Pages as if you were actually there!

You can also choose the web browser you want to make it look like your requests are coming from - some sites customise their content for different browsers. For example if you specify “Mobile Safari” it will look as though you are surfing from an iPhone and many sites will show you content optimised for the iPhone.

There’s no need to download or configure any special software, you can just start right away.

As there are real hosting costs to provide this service, and because this type of service could be open to abuse, there are limits on the number of pages you can view.

You can register to get a higher quota, and also get access to more locations.

If you have more substantial requirements, and would like to be able to choose from over 100 worldwide and US Metro Areas, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

Note that as this is a 100% web based application, there are certain inherent limitations on its use due to internet security procedures. Consequently there are some pages that may not display properly. You can adjust the advanced options like Enable Cookies, Block Scripts, Flash and Java etc, which may give you better results.

If those issues bother you and you have on-going requirements, you can upgrade to a paid plan which gives you access to fully functional “Geo Proxy Servers” to use with your browser and/or software, which eliminates 99.99% of such problems.

This Geo WebApp is brought to you courtesy of Trusted Proxies, leaders in Geo Proxy Servers.

Register for free to gain access to many more countries!